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Not everything will be addressed in the rules to Astral Peace. 
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    During the deploy phase, if a unit is deployed immediately on to a star, can that star's spoils be spent on new fleets during the same deploy phase?


    Yes, as long as the deploying player has not begun their move phase by moving any of their fleets.
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    How long does it take to play Astral Peace?


    With 3 or more players Astral Peace takes about 2 to 3 hours to play. With two players it is usually finished in under an hour.
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    What age is Astral Peace suitable for?


    Most 10 year olds can handle Astral Peace with guidance from an adult.
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    How do I expand Astral Peace to accomodate more than 4 players?


    By combining all of the star tiles and star cards from two boxes of Astral Peace and buying extra unit counters and bond slates in the expansion kits, Astral Peace can be played by up to 8 players in one game. The more players you have, the more satisfying the game. Astral Peace is a game about soft power and really comes into its own when players have plenty of rivals to interact and treaty with.
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